Complaints Policy


CarParkers Anglia ltd takes complaints seriously as they help us to improve areas of our products and services and to resolve any issues relating to the conistency and quality of our business operations

Our complaints policy is an opportunity for customers to tell us when we might have fallen short of expectations, and how we can put things right

Policy Scope

The policy is designed to deal with concerns raised in relation to parking enforcements only; complaints that fo not relate to the matters pertaining to the BPA's Approved Operator Code of Practice or Parking(Code of Practice) Act 2019 are not covered under the scope of the policy.

Definition of a complaint

The complaints policy is not intended to be used as a method for motorists to appeal a Parking Charge Notice
if a complaint is received that is considered to be or includes an appeal against the validity of a PCN or NPC, we will treat it as an appeal and advise the customer of this, unless we are informed that the customer does not wish to be so handled.
Our definition of a complaint is something about the quality of the service provided by an organisation, its proccess and/or the behaviour of its staff.
Our defintion of an appeal - correspondence shared against the decision of an organisation - in this instance, the decision to issue a PCN or NCP - where a change to that decison is required.

How to make a complaint

Customers who wish to make a complaint must do so in writing. This is to ensure we know exactly what the nature of the complaint is and this reduces the possibility of ambiguity or the customers complaint not being recorded over the phone. The complaaint will then be registered onto our system and a unique reference code generated.

Once the complaint has been received, we will acknowledge the complaint within 14 days and provide the unique reference code. The acknowledgement will be sent to the name and address or email provided. In the absence of valid contact details, it may not be possible to proccess a complaint or proccess it within the published timeframes.
you will receive a response within 28 days, if we are not able to resolve or respond to your complaint within 28 days, you will be updated on the progress of your complaint and the current timeframe for completion.
A Complaint must be made in writing via email or post
Email: [email protected]
Postal Address: 51-59 rose lane,the union building, norwich, NR1 1BY


How Complaints will be recorded

Complaints will be recorded on a complaint register and kept on file for 36 months and these will be available on the request to authorised body. The details that will be retained will be:

All personal data will be redacted in line with GDPR requirements The complaints register will be reviewed every 12 months to indentify trends and training opportunities.

Escalation Proccess

Stage One

In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the handling of the complaint, the complaint can be escalated to [email protected]. The Company Manager will acknowledge the escalated complaint within 14 days. A full response to your complaint will be issured within 28 days unless exceptional circusmstances have been indentified. If more time is needed, the customer will be written to with an update.

Stage Two

If the customer remains dissatisfied with our determination of the complaint, we will provide you with the details to enable you to complain to our accredited trade association or conformity assessment body
In order to escalate a complaint our Accredited Trade Association or Conformity Assesment Body, the customer must supply our Accreditied Trade Association or Conformity Assessment Body with a copy of our final complaint repsonse
our Accreditied Trade Association or Conformity Assesment Body will not review escalted complaints where this is not provided by the customer.


All complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the requirements of the DPA 2018, please note,when a complaint concerns the issuing of an NPC issued by us, CarParkers ltd, are the data controller As such the customer should be aware that any information provided in connection with the complaint will be used by CarParkers Ltd to help us deal with it. The customers information may also be passed to CarParkers Ltd staff who were enforcing any parking restrictions or conditions at the relevant site. Information may also be shared with the landowner and any permit service provider if relevant allowing the complaints to be investigated and resolved.
for more information on how we use your information you can contact our data protection officer [email protected]. More information about your rights concerning the use of your personal data is available at our website